The competent authority of iron and steel foundry industry

Should the competent authority, in light of national conditions and practice and the provisions of this code, in consultation with the most representative organizations of employers and workers concerned: (i) appoint and national policy on OSH maintenance; (ii) consider making new, or, statutory provisions existing to eliminate hazards in...


The cooperation of iron and steel foundry industry

The code recognizes that requires effective safety and health system joint commitment between the authorities, employers, competent workers and their representatives. Should the parties to cooperate constructively to ensure that the objectives of this code of practice to achieve. Measures should be adopted on cooperation related to the elimination...


The Special Steel Foundry

Steel foundry is widely used in today modern industries. If we need shock resistant casting products, between the iron casting and steel casting, the steel foundry has more advantages. It finished pieces has many much more good properties. There are many kind of steel foundry products. Like heat resistant...