6BT cylinder block casting

6BT cylinder block is a typical dry cylinder liner cylinder block. Compared with similar vehicle engine cylinder blocks commonly seen in China, 6BT cylinder block also has a water pump volute structure and a rare casting through hole of cooling water channel between cylinder heads in six cylinder block. Thus, the casting of the cylinder block is more difficult. At present, there are many domestic factories producing the cylinder block, but according to what we know and know, most of these clay factories use more traditional process methods and some unreasonable process schemes, resulting in the low qualified rate of the cylinder block castings and even the poor condition that it is difficult to produce normally.

In view of this, based on the good technical and economic results obtained in the casting production practice of the cylinder block in the past two years, we briefly summarize and introduce some main aspects of the new casting process technology which is more innovative and improved than the traditional process method.

At present, ZHY casting casts and produces a variety of vehicle engine cylinder blocks and cylinder heads, and its molten iron is melted in cupola. Even under such ironmaking conditions and product quality indexes higher than those of some main engine manufacturers, the qualified rate of the cylinder block casting is still higher than that of similar product manufacturers. The rational application of some of the above new processes and technologies has played a very key role. Therefore, a brief introduction is made here for peer reference.