Advantages of aluminum alloy casting automobile hub

Wheel hub, also known as wheel rim, refers to the round barrel shaped and central assembly parts on the axle which are used to support the tire. The common automobile wheel hub includes steel wheel hub and aluminum alloy wheel hub. The steel wheel hub has high strength and is commonly used in large trucks. However, the steel wheel hub is heavy in quality and single in shape, which does not conform to the concept of low carbon and fashion, and is gradually replaced by aluminum alloy wheel hub.

In 1964, the United States first applied aluminum alloy wheel hub to racing cars; in 1967, Japan and Italy first used aluminum alloy wheel hub to cars; in June 1970, relevant articles were published in the Italian “Geneva aluminum alloy” magazine for the first time; in 1974, Jaso standard was published; in 1975, aluminum alloy automobile wheel hub formed standardization.

With the increasing lack of energy and more prominent personality, the demand for energy saving, emission reduction and beautiful fashion is becoming more and more urgent, and aluminum alloy wheel hub came into being. Now more and more high-end cars use aluminum alloy wheel hub, which adds a boost to the development of aluminum alloy wheel hub.

In this paper, by reading a lot of advanced literature and excellent papers on chemical composition, casting process and computer simulation of aluminum alloy wheel hub, the development process of aluminum alloy wheel hub is systematically sorted out, and some advanced production processes are explained in detail in this paper, which provides a reference for aluminum alloy wheel hub manufacturers.

Compared with steel automobile hub, aluminum alloy hub has obvious advantages:

(1) The density is about 1 / 3 of that of steel, which means that the aluminum alloy wheel hub with the same volume will be 2 / 3 lighter than that of steel wheel hub. Statistics show that the vehicle mass is reduced by 10% and the fuel efficiency can be increased by 6% ~ 8%. Therefore, the promotion of aluminum alloy wheel hub is of great significance for energy conservation, emission reduction and low-carbon life.

(2) The thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy hub is 237 w / (m · K), while that of steel is only 60 W / (m · K). Therefore, under the same conditions, the heat dissipation performance of aluminum alloy hub is better than that of steel hub.

(3) Fashionable and beautiful. The aluminum alloy can be aged and strengthened. The aluminum alloy wheel hub without aging treatment has low strength and is easy to be processed and shaped. The aluminum alloy wheel hub after anti-corrosion treatment and painting and coloring has various colors and exquisite and beautiful appearance.

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