Application of Vague Language in English Advertisements for Foundry Products

In the language used in our daily life, we generally have two characteristics, one is clarity, the other is fuzziness, and these two characteristics seem to be opposite, but in fact, there is no clear boundary between them. In a specific use situation, they can achieve mutual conversion. However, advertising language is different from the natural language used in daily life. The function of advertising language is to accurately convey information to potential consumers in the general public. Because of the clear purpose and audience of advertising, vague language will be used more frequently. Even in the specific context of advertising, some common clear words will also be vague.

China has a large export volume of foundry products and is a major exporter of the international foundry industry. In order to make the circulation of products more smooth, strengthening the promotion of products in overseas markets is the top priority. China foundry enterprises usually choose a large number of English advertisements as their marketing methods to pave the way for and publicize their products before the target countries. Due to the different advertising duration and cultural habits overseas, the advertising duration of casting products should be reduced as much as possible in the English advertising marketing process, while taking into account the advertising effect, and the process characteristics, product quality and corporate culture of casting products should be displayed to the audience in a short time.

This requires casting enterprises to have a distinct theme, eye-catching forms of expression, and advertising language after condensing information such as product quality, after-sales, and corporate culture in the design of advertising. Fuzzy advertising language combines artistry and abstraction, which can effectively compress product information, make the marketing effect stronger through short advertising language, and be more easily remembered by potential customers. It plays an important role in English advertising design of casting products.

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