Casting technology of dynamic cone liner for cone crusher


1) A set of solid wood samples shall be placed at the designated position of the outer skin, with 50 characters protruding 5mm from the shell.

2) First build the lower box, and then build the upper box. Position between the upper and lower boxes.

3) Sprue Φ 80, inner sprue Φ 60-4 channels, tangent introduction.

4) Three waist round open risers 300x600x650 are placed at the plane of the upper box.

5) Resin hardened sodium silicate sand for molding.

Core making

1) 3 core boxes, 1 core with grease hardened sodium silicate sand, 2-3 core with chromite ore sand.

2) The surface of the sand core shall be coated for 3 times, and the first two times shall be polished with sandpaper to ensure uniform coating thickness and smooth surface.

Closed box

1) The cavity surface shall be painted for 3 times and polished with sandpaper to ensure uniform coating thickness and smooth surface.

2) Place the sand core according to the drawing requirements to ensure that the size meets the drawing requirements.

3) Place in the upper box Φ 80 sprue and sprue cup, box cover and sand reinforcement.

4) When closing the box, close the box according to the positioning to ensure that the gates of the upper and lower boxes are aligned and the riser position is accurate. Weld and compress the upper and lower boxes to prevent fire escape.

5) Horizontal pouring.

Smelting and pouring

1) The tapping temperature is 1610-1630 ° C and the pouring temperature is 1550-1570 ° C.

2) During pouring, full flow pouring shall be carried out first, and the molten steel shall rise to 1 / 3 of the riser height? At 1 / 2, add 12kg MF-1 covering agent to each waist round open riser 300x600x650, and pour slowly until the riser is full. The pouring time shall be controlled within 133s, and no flow interruption is allowed in the middle.

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