Sand mold technology of automobile engine cylinder block in China

Hangzhou engine factory mainly produces six cylinder engine (HT250). Equipment: one kW static pressure line, one BMD air flushing line, two sets of alixu vacuum sand mill rv32vac share a set of vacuum cooling system, and the production efficiency is 140t / h. The lower box robot is sprayed with paint to prevent sand sticking, and the pouring temperature is 1410 ± 10 ℃; Sand box size: 1450 × one thousand and fifty × 400mm, intermittent sand grinding method is adopted, each grinding is six tons, the sand sticking time is 2.5-3.5 minutes, and the sand storage bucket is 80t × 4. Cycle twice a day. The crankcase adopts 100% scrubbing sand and the water jacket adopts 2 / 3 ceramic sand + 1 / 3 scrubbing sand. The resin content is 1.6%, the mixing and grinding time is 60s, the relative humidity is 95%, the initial strength is 1.0-1.3mpa and the final strength is 3-4mpa.

Dry the whole assembly at 140-160 ℃ for 2.5-3 hours. Auxiliary material manufacturers: resin Xingye, coating Xingye and real estate, clay red volcano and Guanyi pulverized coal Guanyi brand.

Weifang Diesel Engine Factory, main engine: kW static pressure line. Sanding machine: allish sanding machine, mixing and grinding time 150s, 6t / grinding. The old sand of double plate cooler shows humidity of 2.5% and pouring temperature of 1420-1450 ° C.