Advantages and disadvantages of pneumatic ball valve with bracket

There are many kinds of pneumatic ball valves. According to the pressure, material, connection form and application medium, including control form, they can be divided into various models. Today we will analyze the difference and selection between the pneumatic high platform ball valve and the ordinary pneumatic ball valve with bracket!

The use and function of pneumatic ball valve with bracket and high platform ball valve are the same. The difference is that there is a bracket between the actuator and ball valve body of pneumatic ball valve with bracket. Usually, the actuator with high medium temperature needs bracket, so as to avoid damaging the actuator due to high temperature. Generally speaking, the ultimate purpose of bracket is to extend the service life of the valve ใ€‚

The advantage of pneumatic ball valve with bracket is that the heat dissipation function is relatively strong. For example, the medium temperature of the pipeline is above 300 degrees. At this time, it is suggested that the valve rod of pneumatic ball valve should be lengthened correspondingly, and the bracket should also be provided. The reason why the valve rod is lengthened with bracket is to separate the valve body and actuator of the ball valve, so as to avoid too high medium temperature of the valve body of the ball valve, thus affecting the service life of the actuator. For example, when the valve body of the ball valve is immersed in the liquid medium, and the liquid medium contains strong corrosivity, which is inaccessible to the operator. When the actuator is outside the liquid level, the operator is required to operate the actuator. In this case, it is necessary to select the ball valve with the valve rod extended and the support installed. Moreover, if the liquid has strong corrosivity, the material of the ball valve must also be the standard Accurate stainless steel material, so as to ensure the normal operation of pneumatic ball valve.