Dissolvable Magnesium Alloy Casting

Aluminum and Magnesium Alloy Ingot and Billet Fabrication.

Coperating with Zhongshi Base and Shanghai Jiaotong university, equiped with semi-continuous casting line to produce high quality aluminum and magnesium, dissolvable magnesium, dissolvable aluminum. The dissolvable metals can be applied for manufacturing dissolvable frac plugs, frac balls, seats, slips and other oil field tools.

High quality aluminum, rare earth magnesium alloys can also be processed by subsequent rolling, extrusion, forging method for a wide range of products.

Dissolvable Magnesium based alloy are designed to deliver reliable dissolution rates regardless of downhole temperature and chemistryconditions.

Quality of Dissolvable Magnesium and dissolvable aluminum made by semi-continous Casting is our number priority and we implemented strigent QC process with trace-ability to Each dissolvable magnesium billiets.

Semi-countinuous Casting

Degassing filtration and intelligent temperature and flow control system,Linde low temperature pure oxygen flameless aluminum alloy melting combustion system,Heat Treatment & Bar,sheet forming machine tool.

Main Equipment: 2MT Mg Alloy melting system, 10MT Al Alloy Melting system, 10MT hydraulic external guiding casting machine, 15MT homogenized annealing system.

State-of-art Germany linde pure oxygen combustion temperature control technology, energy saving and emission reduction in low temperature with shallow pool technology, on-line degassing filtration + intelligent temperature control instrument, PLC, HMI real-time operation, magnesium alloy protection atmosphere and undercurrent technology, such as base can realize low energy consumption, low emissions and high quality.


Dissolvable Magnesium alloy ingot


Aluminum Alloy Flat Ingot according to ASTM and GB

Customized dissolvable metals available for a variety of dissolution rates, temperature, downhole condition, strengths, ductility and dissolution media, such as brine, water, acid and etc..

Dissolution at extremely salinity levels and wide conditions for manfaucturing dissolvable frac plugs, frac balls and other oilfield tools.

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