Advantages of 3DP technology and traditional casting

(1) Improvement of dimensional accuracy of castings

① The accuracy of sand core produced by 3DP technology is ± 0.5 mm, and the deviation of casting wall thickness can be controlled within 1 mm.

② The surface roughness of castings produced by 3DP technology can reach the level of Ra25 in GB/T 6060.1-2018, while the surface roughness of wood mold is about Ra50.

③ The dimensional accuracy control level of sand core for casting: 3DP technology>metal mold>wood mold. According to ISO 8062, the forming accuracy level of the three process methods is determined. The wood mold is CT10~CT13, the metal mold is CT9~CT12, and the 3DP technology is CT8~CT11.

(2) Good appearance quality of castings

The appearance quality of 3D printing castings and the efficiency of subsequent cleaning have been significantly improved due to the small number of cores without stripping and the small number of batch seams of casting blanks.

(3) Casting integrated design

Through the 3DP process method, castings with more complex shapes can be formed, and the original scattered parts through assembly can be integrated and designed to improve the functional requirements of products and the use performance of castings.

(4) Cost comparison

Taking a product of our company as an example, the consumption and manufacturing cost of 3DP technology and traditional casting materials are compared.