Analysis and control of chemical composition of cast steel cable clamp

Element C in g10mnmov6-3 low alloy cast steel cable clamp shall be controlled within 0.08% ~ 0.10%. Si can strengthen ferrite, improve heat resistance and corrosion resistance, reduce toughness and plasticity, and improve the fluidity of cast steel for cast steel cable clamp. The content of Si is controlled between 0.35% ~ 0.45%. Mn can improve the fluidity of molten steel, expand the austenite phase zone, refine the phase transformation structure, improve the strength and wear resistance, and improve the hardenability and hardness of low carbon steel. However, when the Mn content is high, it can increase the tempering brittleness and reduce the toughness. Therefore, the Mn content is controlled at about 1.40%. Mo element can improve strength and austenite hardenability, delay high-temperature ferrite transformation, refine austenite structure and inhibit crack initiation and propagation. Therefore, for thick and large cast steel cable clamp castings, Mo content is controlled at 0.25% ~ 0.32%. V element can improve the strength, and the content is controlled at about 0.07%.

The medium frequency furnace is used for smelting, and the surface of raw materials shall be clean and free of paint; Do not use waste iron castings, waste high manganese steel parts, scrap steel chips, etc. In order to control the C component, the raw material is P08 steel cold plate stamping leftover material. Mn Fe alloys with low C and low S, femo60, fev50, fesi72 (or fesi75) and other alloys shall be selected. Mn Fe alloys, femo60, fev50 and Fe si72 shall pass through 500 ℃ × Bake for 4h, store it in a dry place after baking, and bake it again if it has not been used for more than a week. It can also be added after baking and drying at the top or edge of the furnace at the beginning of medium frequency furnace smelting. Silicon barium alloy is used for pre deoxidation, and aluminum is used for deoxidation in the later stage (the aluminum for final deoxidation is preferably controlled at 0.8kg/t molten steel, combined with 0.3% rare earth to purify molten steel and refine grains).