Analysis on structural characteristics of zg310 large casting seat parts

The casting seat part material is zg310 – 570, which belongs to casting alloy steel. The material has good mechanical properties, good weldability and easy machining. Mn can reduce the eutectoid temperature, refine the pearlite structure, increase the pearlite content, improve the strength and wear resistance of the steel, but also reduce the plasticity of the steel.

According to the standard general technical conditions for heavy machinery steel castings JB / T 5000.6 – 2007 issued by the Ministry of machinery, its chemical composition.

The figure is a 3D physical view of the seat. The thickest part of the part is about 305mm, the minimum wall thickness is 50mm and the maximum aperture is Φ 410mm, minimum bore Φ 32mm, the thick part of the casting is prone to hot spots, which is easy to produce shrinkage porosity and shrinkage cavity defects.

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