Application example of shell casting crankshaft

After the development of S1100 diesel engine crankshaft shell casting production, entrusted by other factories, the crankshaft shell casting process was successfully applied to the casting production of knd-5b gasoline engine (5HP) crankshaft. Based on the experience of developing S1100 crankshaft shell mold casting, combined with the structural characteristics of knd-5b crankshaft, that is, there is no oil plug hole clay core at the connecting rod neck. Knd-5b shell crankshaft adopts bottom injection and top riser structure. As shown in the figure.

Basic parameters of the process:

Casting grade: fcd55

Casting weight: 5.7kg;

Riser weight: 2.8-3.0kg;

Weight of gating system: 22.7kg;

Ratio of casting to Riser: 2:1;

Metal yield: 50.22%.