Application of automation technology in machinery manufacturing

The level of mechanical automation represents the level of a country’s mechanical manufacturing capacity. As an advanced technology, automation technology can not only effectively improve the production efficiency of enterprises, but also increase the efficiency of mechanical manufacturing. Compared with traditional manual operation, automation technology is more safe and efficient. Therefore, in order to promote the development of China’s machinery manufacturing industry, we must apply mechanical automation technology.

Research background of mechanical automation technology application in mechanical manufacturing

Since the beginning of the 20th century, mechanical manufacturing has been widely used in various industries, and gradually attracted people’s attention. The development of mechanical automation technology originated in the 1920s, initially applied in mechanical manufacturing and cold processing, and then in the context of the gradual improvement of relevant technical systems, variable automation production system was constructed in the late 1960s Under the background of the development and application of modern information technology, the automation level of the machinery manufacturing industry is gradually improving. In the process of practical application of automation technology, it can promote the production efficiency of products, effectively control the manufacturing time of machinery, and save human resources. In this context, the production cost of products can be effectively controlled, and the competitiveness of enterprises can be greatly improved, so that enterprises can get more in the actual operation process More economic benefits can make some contribution to the development of our national economy.

Specific application of automation technology in machinery manufacturing

1 integrated application

At present, the dependence of the mechanical manufacturing sector on the level of science and technology is increasing. The types and advanced degree of science and technology in the application of mechanical manufacturing are increasing. Moreover, the mechanical manufacturing industry itself also places science and technology in an important strategic position, and shows a positive attitude to the constantly updated new technology. The work of the mechanical manufacturing department is relatively complex, and the introduction of new technology will inevitably make the original production develop to the goal of more precision. Therefore, to grasp the new technology with different functions and application degrees, and maximize the benefits of optimized production, it is necessary to effectively control the production chain through integrated processing. The integrated control of all kinds of automation technology is beneficial for enterprises to master the overall rhythm of production and enhance the convenience of using automation technology. In the specific production, the mechanical manufacturing department should do a good job in the classification and integration of automation technology, make good use of the integration advantages of computer system, realize the organic integration of it, so as to improve the production efficiency and work accuracy, and avoid the waste of redundant human and material costs.

2 application of intelligent manufacturing technology in machinery manufacturing industry

In the traditional mechanical manufacturing industry, a single production method is mainly used, for example, a mechanical manufacturing enterprise only produces products or only carries out industrial manufacturing. But this traditional industrial manufacturing mode can not meet the needs of industrial discovery in modern society, and can not keep up with the development of modern manufacturing industry. In the modern manufacturing process, only one integrated system can meet the needs of modern products. Integrated system is a comprehensive integrated system, which mainly starts from the concept of product, from product development to product production. Intelligent manufacturing technology is a comprehensive technology, which combines manufacturing technology with artificial intelligence technology, and it also includes manufacturing technology, automation technology, and artificial intelligence technology. These intelligent manufacturing technologies are formed by mutual coordination and penetration, so intelligent manufacturing technology is a comprehensive technology. Intelligent manufacturing technology combines the intelligence of experts with the manufacturing of products, that is, artificial intelligence technology runs through the design of products, the production of products, and all links of industrial manufacturing. In intelligent manufacturing technology, artificial intelligence technology is mainly used to replace some work of experts. At the same time, it shows that intelligent manufacturing technology has the intelligence level of experts. Intelligent manufacturing technology not only has the function of production and manufacturing, but also can carry out self inspection and self-control. It can find its own problems in the production and manufacturing process of products, and can take corresponding measures to prevent and improve in time, and reduce the probability of errors in the next secondary production process, and improve the production efficiency of mechanical manufacturing. Intelligent manufacturing technology is different from traditional conventional manufacturing technology, it has the following two significant characteristics. First, it has a strong ability to adapt to the environment. It can adjust its parameters in time according to the changes of the external environment to ensure that it can adapt to the surrounding environment quickly, and can also be put into the production and manufacturing process quickly. Secondly, it not only has strong adaptability, but also has certain learning ability and simple organization ability. It can use its own learning system to learn new knowledge or technology. In the process of mechanical manufacturing, it can effectively organize the resources around, and then ensure the smooth implementation of mechanical manufacturing. It is precisely because intelligent manufacturing technology has significant advantages in the mechanical manufacturing process, so the technology has been widely recognized in the world, and experts have invested a lot of money and energy to continuously optimize intelligent manufacturing technology, and carry out further research and development and expansion. At present, with the joint efforts of experts and scholars, the following intelligent manufacturing technologies are mainly developed, such as CAD technology, intelligent CPP technology and intelligent unit control system. These intelligent technologies have made important contributions to the whole intelligent manufacturing technology and machinery manufacturing industry.

3 virtualization application

Virtual manufacturing technology includes control theory, multimedia technology and intelligent technology. Taking computer policy simulation and analysis technology as the basic content, multi-disciplinary integration constitutes an advanced technology system, and applying virtualization manufacturing technology in the field of mechanical manufacturing is actually to simulate the whole process of product manufacturing through computer policy technology and information technology, find out possible problems in the production process in advance, and prepare problems in advance to deal with each other Case, as far as possible to reduce the impact of various factors on the production of enterprises, to ensure that the product processing and manufacturing can be completed at one time, which can also play a certain role in promoting the process of social and economic development in China.

4 application of processing system

The traditional industrial production has the characteristics of labor-intensive, but also because of the high labor intensity, labor time is too long, resulting in the loss of workers’ mistakes. After the introduction of machining mode, this problem is avoided and the labor cost is effectively reduced. In the mechanical processing system, the application of automation technology to participate in the work, no longer requires the direct participation of ordinary workers, but in the way of automation technology, to complete the setting of the processing system machinery and equipment, as well as the automatic work procedures and corresponding parameters, and to carry out the automatic operation according to the laws of mechanical processing work, so as to achieve the purpose of efficient completion.

5 application of logistics system automation

In the process of mechanical manufacturing, how to do accurate and efficient physical tracking has always been the focus of practitioners. After the application of logistics system automation technology, it can greatly reduce the difficulty of this work and enhance the accuracy of the work. In the actual operation process, the staff can grasp the status of the objects in time through the logistics automation system, and can query and classify the objects freely within the scope of the storage. Logistics automation system has a natural barrier function, which can effectively shield the human interference in the process of logistics. It will occupy a more important position in the future development of machinery manufacturing.

Concluding remarks

Machinery manufacturing is an important part of the national economic development. The application of automation technology plays an important role in improving the efficiency of machinery manufacturing and the quality of production and processing. At present, machinery automation production technology has been widely used in various production industries, and has brought good economic benefits to enterprise production. In the future, automation manufacturing technology will be highly integrated , intelligence and virtualization.

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