Application of Ductile Iron in Heavy Truck Chassis

Under the general trend of lightweight and energy saving and emission reduction in manufacturing auto parts, with the continuous development of the commercial vehicle industry, compared with low alloy cast steel, forged steel, aluminum alloy and other materials, high-performance ductile iron has taken a place in auto castings with its characteristics of high specific strength, good plasticity, good wear resistance and excellent vibration resistance.

At present, the high-performance ductile iron for the chassis of domestic heavy-duty trucks is mainly in the range of 800~1000 MPa. In the actual production of chassis support, sand mold, lost foam mold and investment casting are the main production processes. Applications are divided into two categories: as-cast supply and ADI castings.

The performance of 800~1000 MPa high performance ductile iron is improved by alloying or proper heat treatment. Compared with ordinary ductile iron, it has the advantages of high tensile strength and high elongation. In addition, the performance of 800~1000 MPa high-performance nodular cast iron meets the requirements of the automotive industry. Its outstanding performance in lightweight is increasingly prominent in the field of commercial vehicles. With the development of technology and further cooperation between manufacturers, its quality stability will be continuously improved and its cost will be reduced. High-performance ductile iron will continue to inject strong power into the lightweight of automobiles.

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