Application of high chromium cast iron in large autogenous mill liner

The mill liner is used to protect the mill barrel from the direct impact and friction of the abrasive body and the material, and enhance the crushing and grinding effect of the abrasive body on the material.

With the progress of mineral processing technology, the large-scale mill has become the main development trend of grinding equipment, and the liner is becoming larger and more complex. The market puts forward higher requirements for the service life and grinding efficiency of the liner. With the increase of cylinder diameter, the potential energy of ore and steel ball increases, the wear and impact fragmentation of liner increases, and the service life of liner shortens. The operation rate of traditional grinding system is usually 90% ~ 95%, while the operation rate of many semi autogenous mill + ball mill grinding system is only 80%. Liner maintenance not only increases the material and labor costs, but also seriously affects the mill production efficiency.

The use characteristics and failure forms of mill liners are also different under different mine conditions. The liner material has a direct impact on the grinding effect, and then has an important impact on the mine income. Therefore, the reasonable selection of liner material for large autogenous mill is of great significance to the grinding operation.

Through the analysis of chemical composition of high chromium cast iron wear-resistant liner, the design improvement of casting process and heat treatment process, the mechanical properties of high chromium cast iron wear-resistant liner are better than those of traditional alloy steel. It has been successfully applied in large autogenous mill and greatly increased the grinding output.

At present, mining enterprises have higher requirements for the production capacity of grinding equipment. Energy consumption and material consumption in the process of mineral crushing have become the focus of scientific research workers and enterprises. In the future, the composition and heat treatment process of high chromium cast iron should be continuously optimized to improve the wear resistance of the material. At the same time, the development cost should be considered, the use of precious metals should be reduced, and trace elements such as boron, titanium and niobium should be added appropriately to reduce the production cost. High cost performance wear-resistant white cast iron wear-resistant liner will be widely used in low impact, strong grinding and stripping autogenous mill, ball mill and vertical stirring mill, which can effectively improve the operation efficiency and comprehensive profitability of large-scale mining equipment, and help the large-scale and efficient development of equipment.

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