Application of hydraulic control system in squeeze casting equipment

The equipment is controlled by a new type of proportional control pressure regulating valve. The hydraulic proportional control valve can make the output oil pressure change proportionally with the change of input electrical signal (current and voltage), so as to realize continuous proportional control. On the common pressure valve, flow valve and directional valve, the proportional electromagnet is used to replace the original control part. According to the input electrical signal, the pressure, flow or direction of oil flow can be controlled continuously and proportionally.

Proportional valve generally has pressure compensation performance, output pressure and flow can not be affected by load changes, is a set of servo electro-hydraulic control elements and switch electro-hydraulic control elements in one of the advantages of the new hydraulic control device, compared with the manual control valve, its advantage is that it can automatically adjust, compared with the electric control valve, its advantage is that it does not need external power.

According to the different operation needs of the machine, the control system sends commands at any time to adjust the oil pressure required by various actions of the machine, which avoids unnecessary continuous high-pressure overflow, saves unnecessary consumption of power, reduces the heating of hydraulic oil, not only saves energy consumption, but also reduces the wear of oil pump, and extends the service life of hydraulic components. The proportional control pressure regulating valve has the function of pressure compensation, and the speed load characteristics of the actuator are good, which can make each actuator run smoothly. Its control system hardware block diagram.

The whole hydraulic system is connected from the hydraulic station. According to the function of the machine tool, it is divided into four oil circuit boards for installation and layout, including mold closing oil circuit board, brake holding extrusion oil circuit board, injection oil circuit board and plug, closing and disengaging nozzle (gate sleeve and pressure chamber butt joint and separate) oil circuit board.

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