Application of optical space dimension measurement technology in large steel casting dimension detection

At present, the dimension measurement methods commonly used in large steel castings are traditional manual measurement, three-dimensional scriber and so on. Due to the poor measurement accuracy and low efficiency of the traditional three-dimensional scriber, it can not move on the fixed platform and has high requirements for the measurement environment. The whole measurement process needs the cooperation of human brain and human hands, and the bulky instrument needs to slide on the guide rail to complete the whole measurement process. It is easy to make mistakes in map recognition, related dimension calculation, and various complex surface shapes can not be calculated and measured The problems such as large cumulative error of manual measurement with instruments not only increase the transportation cost in the measurement process, but also seriously restrict the improvement of steel casting production efficiency. Therefore, the traditional measurement methods can not meet the measurement needs of large steel castings.

Based on the application analysis of the new optical intelligent space dimension measurement technology and the advantages of the optical intelligent space dimension measurement technology, a set of new, portable, high-efficiency, high-precision whole process, barrier free measurement method in the whole production area, which is more suitable for large steel castings, is researched and explored, and the original inspection process and method are optimized, To achieve the purpose of improving quality and efficiency in the process of dimension detection.

According to the development trend of production and manufacture of large steel castings, production inspection process and product structure, through the analysis of the current situation of traditional dimension measurement control of large steel castings, the shortcomings and deficiencies of traditional dimension measurement methods are found out. The application of new measuring instruments and technical means, research and develop new measurement methods and processes to meet the needs of large steel casting size measurement, and through the application of new measurement system, provide technical support for the innovation of large steel casting design, production and inspection.

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