Application of squeeze casting in commercial automobile engine mounting bracket

The 110 engine support of a commercial vehicle is shown in Figure 1. It has a long life cycle and high performance requirements. The bench test parts need to be able to withstand 250kN without damage. The average wall thickness of the parts is 25mm and the maximum wall thickness is 55mm. It is produced by hvsc8000kn indirect squeeze casting machine.

The support is made of A356.2 aluminum alloy, and the mechanical properties measured by sampling from the thickest part of the product according to the design requirements. Fig. 2 is a large cross-sectional view of the thick support. It can be seen that the casting has no casting defects such as shrinkage, pinhole, slag inclusion and so on. Fig. 3 is a comparative diagram of fracture surfaces of extruded castings and metal mold gravity castings. The fracture grain of squeeze casting is finer and denser than that of metal mold gravity casting.

(a) Squeeze casting (b) Gravity casting

No permanent deformation, crack and other problems were found in the Fatigue Bench Test of the product for 1 million times. In the destructive test, the product broke under the action of 365.7kn, which is greater than the specified value of 250kN.

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