Application of squeeze casting technology in other fields

Squeeze casting technology has been used in the production of pneumatic instruments for many years. It is mainly used for shell parts with high air tightness. For example, a Shanghai Instrument Factory originally used metal mold casting to produce pressure gauge shell, the product quality has not been guaranteed. After adopting squeeze casting technology, the quality has been greatly improved. There are many motor parts produced by squeeze casting technology in the motor industry. For example, the cone-shaped aluminum alloy lifting motor of electric hoist imported from abroad by a factory in Hubei Province, motor shell and end cover are all produced by squeeze casting technology, as shown in the figure.

Compared with the samples produced by die casting abroad, the properties of the products have reached or exceeded the sample index, and they have been mass produced. The production beat is 60-120 seconds for each shell, 40-60 seconds for each end cover, and the qualified rate of the products is more than 95%. The aluminum alloy vibrator shell of road building machine is produced by squeeze casting process instead of metal mold casting. The shell weight is reduced from 13kg of original metal mold casting to 6.3kg now, and all performance indexes meet the design requirements. At present, Guangdong Foshan vibrator factory has produced more than 20000 pieces, which has obvious economic benefits.

The American type aluminum handle pipe tongs developed by squeeze casting technology have the advantages of light weight, high strength, firm and reliable clamping, beautiful appearance, flexible use and convenient carrying. After testing, the as cast properties exceed the standards issued by the Ministry, and meet the requirements of the federal specifications of the United States. It is well received and praised by users. Since it was put into production in 1987, the product sales situation is very good. In addition, the aluminum wheel hub, shovel plate, bracket and other parts of the domestic trolley have been mass produced and exported to foreign countries.

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