Application Technology of Steering Knuckle for Automotive Parts

1. Application of Tool Composite Technology

In the process of steering knuckle of automobile parts, tool compound technology has outstanding advantages compared with traditional tool technology. It can improve the efficiency of machining, improve the quality of products and save costs in all aspects. It has good application in the process of steering knuckle of automobile.The use of cutting tools is a key step in the processing of automobile parts. Due to the complex structure and many parts of steering knuckles of automobile parts, different cutting tools need to be replaced in the process of machining.The application of compound tool technology has optimized the use of conventional tools, reduced the number of tool replacement and saved time. At the same time, the compound tool will also reduce the processing space and improve the manufacturing quality and production efficiency of automobile steering knuckles.Composite cutting tool technology combines two or more similar or different cutting tools to form a tool that can be used for reinforcement.According to the different kinds of composite cutters, the composite cutters can process and manufacture steering knuckles with different structures.Composite cutters can perform drilling, reaming, chamfering and other techniques.In the process of tool combination, the structure of composite cutter can be transformed to form integral, combination, assembly and composite drill.

In the actual production process of steering knuckle for automobile parts, according to construction conditions, the reasonable use of compound cutter can reduce the auxiliary time, reduce the number of machine tools, reduce the installation time and adjustment time of cutter, thus optimizing the accuracy of steering knuckle.Composite cutting tools ensure high accuracy of tool position on machined surfaces of parts.For example, in the process of machining the steering knuckle center hole, the traditional machining method generally needs to change the cutter more than ten times. Such repeated replacement causes the cutter cut-in point to move, which makes the accuracy of the steering knuckle not guaranteed.By using compound tool technology, a variety of cutters, such as coarse boring cutter, fine boring cutter, fine reamer and chamfer cutter, can be assembled and used in accordance with the structure of steering knuckles.At present, most of the cutters used by domestic enterprises are standard cutters, which have high cost and are not conducive to the management and maintenance of the cutters. In the production process, timely replacement is required to detect the breakage of the cutters.

2. Computer Aided Design Technology

In today’s social life and production process, technology development has been integrated into the development of various industries.In the production of automotive parts, some digital and electronic technologies have become more common.Computer-aided design technology is one of the applied technologies in the design and production of automobile parts. Through computer-aided design, it can intelligently handle complex problems.By means of computer controlled laser scanning system, the three-dimensional digital model can be divided into two-dimensional sheet pattern. Then, the two-dimensional sheet model can be formed into solidified material by optical scanning, and finally the three-dimensional effect can be achieved by scanning one by one.Computer-aided design can transform abstract design into actual part structure by virtue of virtual software and printing technology. Computer-aided operation plays an important role in developing new products and researching new structure.

The structure of steering knuckle of automobile parts is complicated. During the process of design and optimization, the structure of steering knuckle can be updated and replaced by computer-aided design, which is suitable for optimization in different application scenarios.In addition, in the process of parts manufacturing, computer and electronic related technologies such as fuzzy control technology, sensor technology, artificial intelligence and so on are gradually applied in the process of automobile parts manufacturing.For example, intelligent sensor technology can provide monitoring for the production of steering knuckles of automotive parts. Placing sensors in all parts of steering machine lathe can effectively detect the production process, complete problems prediction, diagnosis, troubleshooting, repair and other operations, and realize intelligent manufacturing in the workshop.

3. Application of Modern CNC Equipment Technology

In modern automobile manufacturing enterprises, automatic assembly and automatic inspection have been carried out extensively in the factory.CNC machine tool in the workshop integrates computer control, automatic intelligent detection, precision instrument and other technologies. Through the comprehensive use of these technologies, the processing accuracy of parts can be improved, the product has higher reliability, at the same time, the investment in human costs can be reduced, and the workshop production efficiency can be greatly increased.In particular, it should be pointed out that in the production process of steering knuckle of automobile parts, the application of CNC lathe factory technology can complete the surface parts machining which can not be completed manually and fulfill some high-precision requirements of steering knuckle.In the manufacturing process of steering knuckle of automobile parts, CNC equipment technology can realize automatic speed regulation, automatic tool change, automatic mechanical movement and other operations.

4. Application of Compound Processing Technology

Composite machining is also an applied technology in the manufacturing of steering knuckles for automotive parts.Composite machining technology holds the workpiece in one clamp and completes the surface machining of the part by various machining methods.Compound machining technology can be divided into Turning-Based compound machining machines, milling pins-based compound machining machines and turning-grinding compound machining machines.A turning-oriented compound machining machine tool is used in the cutting device of rotary cutter, including basic movements such as rotation, axial and radial. The inner hole surface of steering knuckle can be machined by four basic movements.The application of compound processing technology can improve the precision of steering knuckle and reduce the investment of time cost. Drilling and reaming can be completed on one equipment. In this way, compound processing technology can also reduce the floor area of workshop, control the production cost well, and accomplish multi-step process on one equipment, bringing high benefit to automobile parts manufacturers.

5. Application of Flexible Manufacturing Technology

In modern vehicle manufacturing, vehicle manufacturing and parts manufacturing need to consider the application of vehicles in different scenarios.At present, many vehicles are used for transporting heavy goods and play an important role in the transportation process. In the manufacturing process, pressure requirements are very high for these vehicles.In the normal driving state of the vehicle, the steering knuckle must be able to withstand certain impact loads so that the driver can operate the vehicle reliably.Therefore, steering knuckle parts should have high precision and strength.The biggest problem in traditional manufacturing process of steering knuckle is that the precision standard of the product is low and the flexibility of manufacturing process can not be considered in the production line. The implementation of flexible manufacturing technology in the process of steering knuckle can not only achieve low investment, low cost and high economic benefit, but also make better use of the production line to meet the different demands of the market and process a variety of conformances.Products for different applications.Flexible manufacturing technology in the world combines many advanced technologies with higher reliability and higher processing efficiency. Among them, compound processing technology and CNC equipment technology have been discussed above. Flexible manufacturing technology is a manufacturing technology which processes various shapes and realizes programmed processing. Integrated flexible manufacturing technology is applicable to many kinds and large quantities.Production.

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