Automatic cleaning and grinding technology of steel castings

As a big foundry country, the development level of China’s foundry industry is constantly improving. However, the problem of casting cleaning has always been a big problem affecting the development of foundry industry. Due to the low degree of automation in the cleaning process, it is difficult to achieve high work efficiency, resulting in excessive labor intensity. Learn from foreign processing experience, research and development cleaning equipment, on the basis of continuous research and development to obtain better production effect. At the same time, it can improve the working environment. However, due to the high price of equipment, it is difficult to achieve large-scale investment. Based on this, an effective solution to the problem of casting cleaning is developed, and the automatic cleaning and grinding technology is studied to ensure no pollution and fill the industry gap.

In the foundry industry, most of the castings are treated in the traditional way. The traditional way of hammering and grinding has many problems, such as poor efficiency, difficult to guarantee the quality of finished products, high labor intensity and so on. How to improve the cleaning efficiency has become a hot topic in the casting field.

In view of the existing casting grinding technology at this stage, as well as the development status of the industry. Based on the actual problems, targeted to take effective measures, with CNC grinding machine tools, grinding equipment, etc., will be applied to the actual casting cleaning and grinding link, effectively improve the production environment, enhance the production efficiency of the factory. Accumulate technical experience for the development of the industry, improve the quality of first-line grinding, avoid damage to the workpiece, and avoid flaw detection. Adopt the best way of investment, provide good service efficiency for the majority of foundry enterprises, and promote the better development of the foundry industry.