Calculation results of interface pressure in Squeeze Casting

As shown in the figure, the casting die interface pressure reaches the maximum value soon after the applied pressure. The pressure loss rate of aluminum alloy is similar to that of magnesium alloy, which is 54%. When the interface pressure between casting and die reaches the maximum, it begins to decrease gradually. The pressure drop rate of aluminum alloy is 2.46 MPA / s, while that of magnesium alloy is 3.18 MPA / s. These differences indicate that magnesium alloy castings have more resistance to pressure transfer than aluminum alloy castings.

In order to compare with the experimental results, a plate casting model was established to calculate the temperature and pressure fields in squeeze casting process. Through numerical simulation, the pressure of casting die interface at position 2 is obtained, as shown in the figure. Compared with the experimental results, the maximum error between the experimental and numerical results is 6.2%. The numerical simulation results are in good agreement with the experimental results, and the numerical model is reliable.

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