Casting Method for Green Casting Industry

In order to develop green casting industry in our country, we need to research new casting method, such as old sand regeneration recycle technology with low cost and no emissions. Each year, our country produce more than 30 million tons of casting sand. Some largefoundry enterprises discharge more than 100 thousand tons of emissions of waste sand eachyear. The discarded waste sand caused the waste of a lot of silica sand resources, and bring huge economic burden to enterprises and enormous strains to the development of resources and environment in our country.

Therefore, upgrading Casting Method including foundry waste sand processing and recycling has become an urgent necessity to solve the problem. It is of great significance for the sustainable development of the green casting industry in China. At present, the reaearch for Casting Method, such as old sand regeneration recycle technology with no emissions mainly includes the old sand regeneration for the development of new technology and high efficiency regeneration equipment.

The old sand regeneration technology is mainly aiming at the current casting method of drying, wetting, heating regeneration technology. In view of the situation about single sand, only more development based on the hybrid composite regeneration method of waste sand, such as “drying method and wetting method”, “drying and heating method”, “drying-wetting-heating method”, we can realize the waste sand recycling and regeneration by using composite regeneration technology with low cost, high quality, no secondary emission.

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