Carbon Emissions in Mold Casting

mold casting (1)Researches on carbon emissions in mold casting are mainly from the overall angle of quantitative analysis in the process of production. There is no clear modeling research onspecific carbon emissions between processes. As we all know that process is the basic unit of the minimum production in mold casting. Fully master about carbon emissions relationship between each working procedure has targeted advantages for the enterprises to carry out energy conservation and emissions reduction measures.

The energy consumption and emissions in mold casting production process are enormous and huge that has been a significant problem for production. So it has great potential for energy conservation and emissions reduction. If we study from the perspective of sand mold casting process, through analyzing the characteristics of the process, describe the state ofwork procedure with basic elements, We can use based process carbon source and calculate the carbon emissions in every process. Then we can quantitatively estimate and compare the carbon emissions of different processes. By analysis and comparison, these data will be a theoretical basis for enterprises to draw up plans about energy conservation and emissions reduction measures. Thus, We will move a huge step towards the green casting production in our country.

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