Casting process of high strength automobile parts

The automobile is known as the pearl on the early crown of industry. Its birth has led the human industrial system to a situation of great integration and innovation. It has also become an important reference object for evaluating the comprehensive industrial strength of a country or region. The automobile production involves a large range of technologies, taking the modern fuel automobile as the analysis object, and the independent industries include metallurgy, casting, mechanical processing, electronic engineering, rubber chemical engineering, etc. The most basic of which is undoubtedly the casting process and mechanical processing. These two technologies are faced with various raw materials and defects, and the problem of “from scratch” of automobile products is to be solved. Only then can they enter the processes of Pei matching, regulation, testing and so on.

In the development process of China’s automobile industry from the beginning of the competition to the rapid development, the most significant change is undoubtedly the import and export of automobile parts casting technology and mechanical processing technology. However, from the current situation, these two technologies can only be said to be “bigger” rather than “stronger”. Especially in the field of high-strength automobile event production, there is no small gap between Japan, the United States and foreign countries, which are the old automobile manufacturers. Based on the production of Japanese automobile industry, the book “Automobile Production Technology” (Machine-bed Industry Press, 1st edition, October 2020), edited by Yoichi Keno and translated by Ma Zhao, divides automobile production into 16 key technical fields, and comprehensively introduces the casting process and machining technology of high-strength automobile parts from the perspective of “production site” Teachers and students of automobile manufacturing specialty in colleges and universities have the value of learning and inspiration.