Casting quality control of automobile aluminum alloy wheel hub

In the process of automobile aluminum alloy wheel casting, the most important issue is the quality control. After a more detailed understanding of the principle, necessity, characteristics and key technologies of wheel casting, the following feasible suggestions are given on the casting quality control to ensure that the final aluminum alloy wheel casting quality can meet the quality requirements of automobile production and ensure the orderly development of automobile manufacturing industry.

1. Process quality control

For the control of casting quality, first of all, from the point of view of link quality control, the quality control problems of each link of casting are clarified. For example, when adopting low-pressure casting technology, attention should be paid to the mold manufacturing process, and the injection and pressure maintaining of dry compressed air should be properly controlled. The opening sequence and time of cooling pipes are the key factors affecting the mold quality. In addition, the temperature control of the mold is also extremely critical. The specific process needs to ensure the mold temperature stability to ensure the compact structure and internal organization of the hub. Specifically, cooling medium, such as water and water mist, can be introduced into the cooling channel to control its flow, opening and holding time. To further verify the cooling effect, thermocouples can be set at different positions of the mold to monitor the temperature change.

If the spinning casting process is selected, attention should be paid to the control of rotating motion and extrusion. Commonly used methods include slab splitting spinning, tube rim spinning and pre-casting blank power spinning. In the specific casting process, the pre-casting blank needs to be pre-heated to improve the spinning efficiency and ensure the product quality. Pay attention to ensure that the surface of the blank is clean, smooth and free of flash before spinning, or the surface cleanliness can be guaranteed by pre-turning. During the spinning process, the shape of the rim needs to be sectioned for confirmation to ensure the subsequent machining size. Pay attention to ensure the quality of the rim to avoid major defects that affect the final product.

2. Factor control

There are many factors that affect the quality of aluminum alloy wheel hub, among which the most critical are technology, personnel skills, quality, casting equipment, quality control awareness, etc. The selection of technical process should be determined in strict accordance with the production demand and feasibility analysis results to ensure that the process selection is reasonable. In terms of personnel skills and comprehensive quality, it is necessary to carry out professional training and reasonable selection, promote and retain talents with appropriate treatment, and carry out “reprocessing” training on the basis of their traditional casting technology application skills, so that they can continuously improve their own technology application level and ensure the quality of technology application. Equipment is an important component of casting technology. With the support of professional equipment, technical efficiency can be achieved. Further update the equipment and technology, and carry out integrated management to ensure the guarantee for the casting process. During the whole process, the quality control publicity and implementation of the personnel shall be carried out continuously in the form of publicity and education to improve their awareness of quality and safety assurance.

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