Casting technology of excavator guide wheel

With the continuous development of mechanization and integrated construction in China, the scale of construction machinery industry has been expanded year by year. The excavator is the largest and most important plate, especially the demand growth of small and medium excavator products is more obvious, and the competition is more and more fierce. In addition, customers’ awareness of product quality is constantly improving. Reliable and low-cost products are more and more favored by customers. As an important component of excavator walking system, the performance reliability of idler becomes more and more important. Therefore, it is the common expectation of customers and manufacturers to solve the failure risk of the idler and develop products with high reliability structure.

After ZHY casting implemented the above improvement scheme in stages, when the casting process improvement scheme was implemented, the casting disqualification rate of the guide wheel body was reduced from 12.98% to 3.46%. After further implementation of the casting structure improvement scheme, the disqualification rate was further reduced to less than 0.49%, and even some casting production batches realized the quality status that the disqualification rate was 0. After the implementation of two improvement schemes, the loss is reduced, the manufacturing cost is saved, the production efficiency is improved, and good results are achieved.

The problem of low casting yield of single web cast steel guide wheel of excavator was solved. At the same time, through the mathematical simulation analysis, the casting design size is further optimized, and finally applied to the actual production, the correctness and reliability of the improvement scheme are verified, which has a certain guiding significance for the manufacturing industry of cast steel guide wheel.

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