Characteristics, causes and prevention of casting cold insulation defects


The appearance of the casting is incomplete, with a crack like gap or broken flow, and the metal edge at the crack or broken flow is smooth


A. Intermittent pouring during pouring operation, not full pouring

B. Pouring temperature is too low, molten iron fluidity is poor

C. Unreasonable scheme design, too long pouring time or unable to punch at the same time

D. The liquid heads which enter into the water at many places are blocked by solidification or oxidized, so that the two flow heads cannot be fused together

Scheme countermeasures:

A. Recalculate the scheme to speed up the pouring speed

B. Increase the exhaust passage, speed up the punching speed and reduce the punching resistance

C. The position of the water inlet shall be set reasonably to avoid the cold separation due to the oxidation and cooling of the molten iron at the distance from the gate

D. Add water in the cold insulation position to increase the temperature there

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