Chemical composition control of chilled cast iron camshaft

The control of chemical composition is the basis to ensure the casting quality of chilled cast iron camshaft. For chilled cast iron camshaft, the reference value of main composition is recommended in technical specification for automobile engine camshaft (QC / T 544-2000).

Specific to customers and products, chemical composition has more specific requirements, in addition to C, Si, Mn, P, s indicators, alloy elements also have specific requirements.

At present, with the stable quality of raw materials for smelting, the progress of smelting furnace, the use of spectrometer and thermal analyzer, it is not difficult for chilled cast iron camshaft to meet the requirements of the above chemical composition technical indicators in the actual casting production process, but to achieve the internal quality of casting stable and controllable, especially the qualified rate of hardness, cold depth, microstructure and tensile strength is close to 100%, It’s not easy. Therefore, each manufacturer should formulate the appropriate range of chemical composition technical index of each product in combination with their own production process conditions, and narrow the range as far as possible. Narrowing the chemical composition not only provides the basic guarantee for the internal quality control, but also makes it easy to grasp the composition of the recycled material. The chemical composition range of a foundry for customer a product and customer B product.

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