Comparison between 3DP technology and traditional casting

(1) Shorten production process

3DP directly prints sand mold/core, which saves the process of mold design, manufacturing and molding and core making, and greatly shortens the development cycle and cost of new products; It takes about 35 days to develop new products with traditional casting, while it only takes 5 days to adopt 3DP technology, which makes the production faster, the process more controllable, and the efficiency higher. 3DP technology is compared with the traditional casting development process.

(2) Improve casting quality and production efficiency

If the shell adopts the traditional casting method, it needs 21 sand cores (see Figure 1), and the 3DP technology no longer distinguishes the outer mold core and the inner cavity core, but directly prints the core with complex structure as a whole, which greatly reduces the number of cores, avoids the accumulated error caused by the manual core making and core assembly process, improves the dimensional accuracy of the sand mold, and avoids the out-of-tolerance of the casting size caused by the sand mold size discrepancy, In addition, some core assembly processes are saved (see Figure 2).

(3) People oriented, green casting

3DP technology has greatly improved the environment of the casting site and reduced the labor intensity of the operators; Using 3D printer instead of manual core making and molding saves labor costs, and realizes intelligent production and green production in the foundry industry, and realizes “six noes” production (no sand box, no mold, no driving, no temperature difference, no pollution, no heavy physical labor), and the production environment is comfortable and safe; However, the traditional casting production environment is noisy, dusty and with high risk factor; As one of the core technologies for the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, 3D printing technology has really transformed casting from “silly big black thick” to “fair and fair lady”.