Composite squeeze casting of large aluminum wheel hub

Some progress has been made in the research on the forming method and equipment of composite squeeze casting. The research results show that the forming system realized by this method has the forming ability of large parts, but there are still many problems to be further studied. It is suggested that the research can be carried out from the following aspects:

(1) Because the metal melt has certain viscosity, the actual transportation process is more complex. If the metal fluidity of the infusion pipeline can be directly monitored in real time through ultrasonic, the metal melt transportation will be better controlled, so as to ensure the stability of the metal melt flow.

(2) The power during steady-state heat transfer of molten liquid transmission pipeline is calculated. The next step is to analyze the heat storage of various components when the infusion pipeline is heated up before infusion, establish an energy consumption calculation model, calculate the unit energy consumption and reduce the energy consumption of the whole production and logistics system, including preparation work.

(3) The mathematical model of the force on the upper die during the solidification of metal melt in composite squeeze casting is established in order to further study the forming process of composite squeeze casting and provide the basis for the design of floating rigid support die.

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