Computer has been widely used in foundry production in China

Casting forming is an extremely complex high-temperature, dynamic and instantaneous process, during which a series of complex physical, chemical and metallurgical changes occur. These changes can not be observed directly and are difficult to test. Therefore, its process design is mostly based on personal experience, which is highly skilled, but not scientific. The application of computer in casting production has led to the development and fundamental change of casting technology.

After more than 20 years of efforts, relevant domestic colleges and universities, scientific research institutes and key casting enterprises have achieved positive results. They have successively carried out computer-aided process design, aided design of composition and mechanical properties, numerical simulation of casting alloy solidification process and temperature field, numerical simulation of casting filling process, casting process Casting alloy quality and casting quality, as well as the detection and control of casting equipment, casting database, management, computer drawing recognition, the application of manipulator and robot, etc., have been used in production. The application scope is more and more extensive, good economic benefits have been achieved, and the goal of quantitative guidance of basic theory to the process has been realized.

At the same time, the application of computer in foundry production has also prompted the foundry industry to establish a complete education, scientific research, associations, societies, standards, quality inspection, publishing and information system.

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