Computer simulation of titanium alloy casting forming

In the future, titanium alloy precision forming technology will be developed to the direction of digitalization, informatization, automation and environmental protection. Vigorously carry out the research and development of numerical simulation technology of titanium alloy casting, and realize the digital simulation of the whole process of research, development and manufacturing of titanium alloy casting. The expert system of titanium alloy casting is built to realize the digitalization, information, automation and engineering of titanium alloy casting development. It can shorten the period of R & D, reduce the consumption of materials, reduce the cost of R & D, and improve the quality and reliability of products.

In the research and development of cast titanium alloy, the titanium alloy material system covers low strength, medium strength and high strength. The working temperature is divided into low temperature (below room temperature), medium temperature (about 400 ℃), high temperature (above 500 ℃). Starting from the localization of ZTC4, ZTA7, ZTA15 and other cast titanium alloys have been developed. In recent years, the research on high temperature casting titanium alloy materials such as TiAl and Ti3Al has been focused, and the engineering research and application development of medium temperature and high strength titanium alloy have been carried out. Some are about to enter engineering applications. Titanium aluminum alloy castings with a diameter of 500 mm have been developed, and they have entered the engineering research stage.

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