Computer simulation technology in the production of China large steel castings

Large steel castings have large size and long production cycle. They are generally produced in small batch or even single piece. Therefore, the traditional trial and error method is no longer suitable for the production of large steel castings, otherwise it will bring huge losses to enterprises. The numerical simulation technology of casting solidification process is particularly important in the production of large castings.

In fact, numerical simulation technology is widely used to guide the production of large castings at home and abroad. Major foreign manufacturers have widely used computers to simulate and analyze ingots, casting, heat treatment and other processes. According to relevant data, more than 60% of the problems of a new product can be eliminated in the design stage, and 90% of mechanical products and equipment in the world should be analyzed by simulation technology.

The common defects of large steel castings are shrinkage cavity, shrinkage porosity, crack, residual stress, residual deformation, segregation and so on. Therefore, the numerical simulation technology of casting solidification process also focuses on the prediction of these defects, and carries out research in heat transfer, flow, stress, mass transfer and so on.

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