Crankshaft shell casting process design

The shell mold casting process of S1100 single cylinder diesel engine crankshaft was studied. S1100 single cylinder diesel engine crankshaft casting blank weight: 16.5kg, overall dimension: 305 × one hundred and ninety-two × 192mm。 Main processes and equipment adopted:

(1) Melting: use the original 1.5T power frequency melting electric furnace to spheroidize in the ladle and inoculate twice;

(2) Molding: use the original annular iron shot molding line (two filling iron shot stations, one vibrating station, five pouring stations, ten cooling stations and a set of shot sand separation and cooling system);

(3) Add a two station vertical parting film coated sand shell molding machine to produce crankshaft shell mold;

(4) Add a new pneumatic two mold shell bonding machine in hot state;

(5) Add a film coated sand core shooting machine to produce crankshaft oil plug hole core;

(6) Adopt chilled iron chilling process.