Current situation of equipment and wear-resistant casting in sandstone industry

Sandstone industry directly or indirectly affects the development of some industries, such as construction industry and cement industry. With the increase of construction quantities, the sales volume of cement is increasing, and the consumption of sand and stone is also increasing rapidly. Therefore, in the current environment of eliminating backward production capacity in cement industry, cement enterprises are faced with the choice of merger and reorganization or seeking new profit growth point through transformation. The author believes that the cement industry has a unique advantage to enter the aggregate industry, and some cement enterprises have begun to transform into the concrete aggregate industry. From the current trend of some cement enterprises, it should be a good choice for cement enterprises to enter the sandstone industry.

All kinds of signs show that the sandstone industry has unlimited development potential. However, with the development of sandstone industry, the number of sandstone production enterprises will be more and more, and the production scale will continue to expand. However, due to the lack of unified management, it is inevitable to waste resources.

We are looking forward to, with the passage of time, the industry will have a unified standard to be issued, and guide the healthy and orderly development of the industry. China’s sandstone industry will gradually develop in the direction of intensification, scale and standardization, in the direction of improving the comprehensive utilization efficiency of resources, the level of technical equipment will continue to improve, the industrial structure will continue to optimize, and finally form a diversified investment lattice Bureau.

With the rapid development of the sand and stone industry and the stimulation of huge market demand, at present, the mechanism sand and stone industry is developing rapidly in China. Many stone factories and sand factories have been added all over the country. In the areas near mines and rich stone resources, large sand and stone production areas are often seen. This also provides a business opportunity for the development of a complete set of sand and gravel aggregate production equipment. A complete set of sand and gravel aggregate production equipment, construction waste crushing and sand making equipment, special sand making equipment for materials and wear-resistant casting matching with the equipment came into being, and constantly improved and updated.

However, there are a series of problems, such as uneven quality of sand and stone production equipment, irregular production, safety and so on, behind the construction of large and small sand and stone production lines and a prosperous scene. At present, China’s sand and stone industry equipment is mainly concentrated in Henan, Shanghai and other places, and there are manufacturers in other parts of the country, but there is no unified management system for the industry development, the equipment model and production capacity are not unified, and the production situation of small workshops is common. There are even one or two welders beside the sand and stone factory to complete the production of small jaw crusher, and some sand and stone production lines are not available at all There are dust removal and noise reduction equipment, and there are some manufacturers whose sand and stone can not meet the standard of construction sand, so the industry order needs to be standardized.

There is a great market demand for wear-resistant castings, such as mortar wall rolling, plate hammer and other wear-resistant casting industries have developed in recent years, and a number of casting production enterprises with stable quality and long service life have emerged, but there are still some problems. In the process of using wear-resistant castings, there are many phenomena, such as fracture, unstable product performance, plagiarism between peers, malicious competition at low price and so on. This also requires the wear-resistant casting production enterprises to continuously innovate and improve the production process, so as to promote the development of wear-resistant casting in the whole sand and stone industry.

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