Data acquisition methods and tools of typical complex parts in rapid investment casting

The blade of diffuser impeller is mainly a complex free-form surface. The conventional measurement method can not complete the mapping of the whole impeller, get the required impeller data, and the application of reverse engineering technology can solve this problem. There are two kinds of detection methods of reverse technology, contact and non-contact. For the diffuser impeller prepared by selective laser sintering technology, the intensity is low, especially at the free-form surface of the blade.

The conventional contact measurement method mainly uses coordinate measuring instrument to continuously scan the profile of the impeller, and this method will not only scratch the blade, but also produce certain measurement error. Therefore, this paper uses the non-contact measurement method to complete the data detection of the diffuser impeller.

The three-dimensional measuring equipment of China Wuhan Zhongguan Automation Co., Ltd. is used for data information detection of diffuser impeller. As shown in the figure is the company’s zgscan717 plus intelligent handheld laser 3D scanner. The diffuser impeller studied in this paper is measured and analyzed by this equipment.