Demand analysis of equipment and wear-resistant casting in sandstone industry

There is no doubt that the equipment demand of sandstone industry will increase substantially. However, there will be some new changes in the mainstream direction of equipment demand. While the demand increases, it also puts forward higher requirements for equipment manufacturers.

In recent years, with the emergence of low-grade mining of mine resources and non-standard industries, the emergence of abandoned mine tailings, the increasing lack of mine resources has led to the rise of industrial waste, construction waste and waste rock processing and reuse industries. This not only fully excavates the available materials and waste resources for artificial sand production, but also meets the market demand, and protects the environment while generating income. Make this industry become a traditional and new industry. This has also led to the demand for mobile crushing equipment and technological innovation. Under the stimulation of market demand, some special equipment began to appear, such as quartz special crusher, construction waste treatment equipment, etc.

The 12th Five year plan puts forward a new idea that industrial production should pay attention to low carbon and environmental protection. Although there are more and more enterprises producing machine-made sand and stone complete production equipment, there are few enterprises that can really make the sand and stone production line equipped with noise reduction and emission reduction devices, especially with the continuous development of machine-made sand and stone production technology, the overall level of sand and stone production equipment in China has been improved, such as two large sand and stone aggregates in Sichuan and Guizhou signed by taini and Zhengzhou Dingsheng Engineering Technology Co., Ltd Production line, these two sand and stone production lines adopt totally closed operation, without energy-saving and environmental protection design of a loader, which indicates that China’s sand and stone industry equipment has reached a new stage. At present, the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection in sandstone production has been deeply rooted in people’s minds, but it still needs the guidance and support of policies.

In the next five years, the demand for equipment and wear-resistant castings in China’s sandstone industry will increase, and the demand for cone crushers, construction waste crushing equipment commonly used for ore crushing and dedicated crushing equipment for the reuse of waste mine resources will become the main equipment.

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