Design of casting blank for high performance aluminum alloy cylinder head

The diesel engine structure for combat vehicles is V-shaped and symmetrical, and the left and right cylinder head castings are completely symmetrical. The traditional left/right cylinder head casting blanks and molds are independently designed, with long cycle and high cost. In order to facilitate the development, processing and installation test, the left/right cylinder head casting structure is integrated and designed, taking into account that the structural characteristics of the cylinder head castings, such as the oil passages, cooling water jackets and inlet/exhaust passages, are identical, Only the structures at both ends are different. The left and right cylinder head castings are integrated and designed as the same blank structure. During actual processing, only the structures at both ends need to be processed pertinently to obtain the left and right cylinder head castings. The integrated design of the cylinder head casting blank digital model is shown in the figure.

(a) Parts drawing of left cylinder head
(b) Parts drawing of right cylinder head
(c) Integrated design of cylinder head blank
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