Determination of casting position of axle housing in sand casting

The pouring position usually refers to the position of the axle housing in the mold when pouring. The pouring position is determined by the structural characteristics, material characteristics, casting methods and other related conditions of the axle housing. The correct pouring position can ensure the casting performance of axle housing, and make molding sand molding, casting of axle housing, core making of core sand, cleaning and cutting of axle housing convenient. The casting position of the axle housing mainly has the following two schemes.

According to the structural analysis of the axle housing part drawing, the important working position of the axle housing is the flange surface and the inner cavity circular hole. Therefore, in the design of casting process, priority should be given to ensure the accuracy of these dimensions and the structural density. At the same time, the uneven wall thickness of the axle housing is easy to produce hot spots. Therefore, the influence of pouring position on the possible casting defects of the axle housing should be comprehensively considered when designing the casting process.

The pouring position scheme I is horizontally placed as shown in figure (a). The gate position of the axle housing is located at the middle parting. This gate arrangement reduces the possibility of sand washing of the axle housing, makes the filling of liquid metal smooth and stable, and reduces a series of defects such as slag inclusion, air entrainment and oxide inclusion. The casting quality of important positions is strictly guaranteed, and the surface of the axle housing is completely at the same time of pouring at this position It is easy to draw the mold and make the mold at the parting surface. Pouring position scheme II vertical placement is shown in the figure (b) The gate of the gating system is located on the bottom flange surface, which is close to the position of the axle housing. During the pouring process, the molten metal and molding sand are easy to be washed out, which is easy to cause casting defects such as sand washing, air entrainment and oxide inclusion, which can not guarantee the casting quality of important parts. There are interference surfaces on the parting surface, so it is not conducive to mold drawing and molding sand.

To sum up, the pouring position of the axle housing adopts the horizontal placing pouring position in scheme I in the figure.

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