Developing green casting technology

Improve the level of cleaner production, improve the utilization rate of energy and raw materials in cleaner production, and try to realize the recycling and reuse of raw and auxiliary materials (molding sand, water, etc.) and waste heat, so as to save natural resources to the greatest extent: reduce or eliminate the consumption of toxic and harmful chemicals, and reduce or eliminate the generation of toxic and harmful substances in the production process; Reduce or eliminate the generation of other environmental pollution (dust, smoke, noise, vibration, waste sand, waste residue, waste water, radiation) and its discharge to the surrounding environment.

In terms of safety production, reduce or eliminate the occurrence of major safety accidents such as mechanical injury, lifting and transportation injury, electric shock injury, burn, explosion and fire; Reduce or eliminate hazardous sources such as dust, smoke, toxic and harmful gases, noise, vibration, high temperature and radiation at the operation site and surrounding environment, and their concentration or quantity shall be lower than relevant national standards, so as to reduce or eliminate the production of occupational diseases such as silicosis; Significantly improve the working conditions and operation comfort of foundry workers.

At the same time, we should strengthen the construction of technological innovation capacity of environmental protection enterprises and increase investment in technological innovation. Further promote the combination of “industry, University and research”, and accelerate the transformation and industrialization of excellent environmental protection scientific and technological achievements. Accelerate the promotion and application of advanced and mature environmental protection technologies. The introduction of technology should be combined with digestion, absorption and innovation to speed up the technological transformation of environmental protection enterprises and promote the upgrading of environmental protection products. Through joint venture, cooperation, direct introduction and other forms, introduce foreign advanced and effective casting environmental protection new technologies, new materials and equipment suitable for national conditions, carry out comprehensive integration and application development on the basis of digestion, absorption and innovation, and form core technologies and leading products with independent intellectual property rights.

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