Development direction of foundry technology development in China

What kind of industrial structure a country implements and what kind of mode of technological progress it adopts are not divorced from its national conditions. China’s basic national condition is that it has a large population and rich labor force, but capital is scarce and per capita resources are small. This situation determines that China must vigorously develop a labor-intensive economy in order to intensively use labor resources and save capital and natural resources. From another perspective, the development of labor-intensive economy is not without technological progress, which requires that technological progress must be conducive to making full use of labor and saving capital and natural resources, so as to maximize the use efficiency of various resources.

Therefore, in terms of technology development, China’s foundry industry should pay more attention to the development of technologies to improve the use efficiency of various resources, such as energy-saving technology, consumption reduction technology, resource protection and reuse technology, etc.

At the same time, facing the global competition, it is necessary to strengthen the basic and applied research of China’s casting technology. The future casting technology will strive towards automation and computerization, more precision, lightweight, higher quality and more environmental protection.

Due to different industrial environment, insufficient R & D funds and other factors, China cannot carry out R & D in all the above fields, but it can choose some appropriate, advanced and mature technologies for development, or directly introduce them from abroad to narrow the gap with advanced countries.

In addition, in the way of technology development, we should make full use of domestic resources and adopt the way of joint research and benefit sharing. Today’s world economy has entered the era of global integration. Between foundry manufacturers and foundry manufacturers, and between units, it is not only a competitive relationship, but also a cooperative partnership. If you want to get faster development, you must learn to cooperate. Self closure will only make you lag behind. The government can adopt relevant policies to guide the industry to form technological innovation clusters to speed up the development of industry technology.

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