Development direction of product quality of Chinese foundry manufacturers

Generally speaking, a series of industry standards can bring us advantages in quality management, product quality, marketing and competitiveness.

(1) Improve quality management

The series of standards are the scientific summary of many years of quality management practice in many economically developed countries in the world. They are universal and instructive, provide guidance for foundry manufacturers to establish and improve quality system, standardize internal management behavior, and play a good role in promoting the deepening of foundry quality management and improving quality management level. Furthermore, it can promote the quality management of foundry manufacturers to approach the international level.

(2) Improve product quality

In the process of quality generation, formation and realization, there are many factors affecting the quality. The foundry establishes an effective quality system according to a series of standards, controls and measures various factors, reduces or eliminates the occurrence of quality defects, and can find and take corrective measures in time once casting defects occur, so as to make the product quality continuously stable and achieve appropriate quality Provide customer satisfied products at cost and competitive price.

(3) Marketing

With the promotion and implementation of the series of standards in China, the orderer will give priority to the casting manufacturers that have implemented the series of standards, especially the certified qualified ones, as the ordering or purchasing objects, because the suppliers who have passed the implementation and certification of the series of standards can more confidently provide products with stable quality. In the future, the cooperation, supporting and trading activities of products should put forward the requirements for the quality assurance of foundry manufacturers in the contract, and the requirements for quality system or quality certification. If a series of standards are not adopted and implemented, they will be in a disadvantageous position or encounter unnecessary trouble, and may lose many opportunities to occupy the market, It may also become an obstacle for products to enter the international market.

(4) Competitors

The competitors of foundry manufacturers may have adopted a series of standards first, and the ordering party or purchaser is most likely to select the supplier adopting a series of standards. Therefore, in order to maintain competitiveness, they also need to adopt and implement a series of standards, otherwise they will lose their ordering partners.