Development direction of production organization and management methods in China’s foundry industry

Many people believe that low casting production cost is one of the advantages of China’s casting industry, but if we carefully analyze the cost, we will know that this is not the case. On the surface, the prices of raw materials such as pig iron, coke and scrap steel in China are only 60% – 80% of those in industrial developed countries, and the wages of workers are only one fifteenth to one twentieth of those in industrial developed countries. However, on average, our labor productivity is only one eighth to one tenth of that in industrial developed countries, The difference in wages per unit casting is almost the same, about 50% of that in industrialized countries. At the same time, the utilization rate of raw materials in China’s casting industry is much lower than that in industrial developed countries, and the energy consumption per unit casting is about twice that in industrial developed countries.

From the above situation, China’s foundry industry is a large consumer of resources and energy. To improve its economic benefits, it is not only a problem of technological progress, but also scientific management. Therefore, on the one hand, China’s foundry industry should speed up the pace of technological transformation and the reserve of technical force; On the other hand, we should seek benefits from management. In China’s foundry production, applying modern scientific management methods to maximize the use efficiency of labor, capital, resources and technology and realize intensive production is the only way to maximize the output and benefits of China’s foundry industry.

Mrpll manufacturing resource planning, developed from MRP (material demand planning), combines material flow and capital flow on the basis of closed-loop MRP, and integrates the enterprise’s macro decision into the system to form a complete production and operation information system. Resources in the manufacturing resource plan include manpower, materials, equipment, energy, bonus, space and time. Various resources are represented in the form of “information” in mrpll system. At present, China’s MIS (manufacturing management information system) is mostly established with mrpll as the guiding ideology, which is a technology reflecting the idea of intensive production. China’s foundry industry should introduce these management technologies, establish MIS software suitable for the application of China’s foundry enterprises through the development of China’s foundry practice, and promote its use in the management of China’s foundry enterprises, so as to realize the intensive production of China’s foundry industry.

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