Development of flow coating technology for casting coating

1.Flow coating equipment

The flow coating equipment includes two parts: one is the gripping and rotating device of sand mold (core); the other is the flow coating machine.

2.Selection of power source for flow coating

There are three methods: gravity method, air pressure method and pump pressure method.

2.1 gravity method

2.2 air pressure method

2.3 pump pressure method

(1) The coating can change the original structure and affect the effect of flow coating by high-speed cutting through the pump circulation; (2) for the alcohol based flow coating, attention should be paid to the carrier volatilization caused by the opening of the coating storage barrel; (3) the blades of the pump are easy to wear.

3 Selection of power pump (diaphragm pump and vane pump)

3.1 working principle of diaphragm pump

Pneumatic diaphragm pump is a new type of lifting and conveying machinery.

(1) Without water filling, the suction head is very high, and the automatic lift can reach over 7m.

(2) Lift, flow, adjustable.

(3) No leakage, ensure safety.

(4) No electricity is required.

(5) Wide channel, good trafficability, can pump viscosity, with particle media.

(6) It is convenient to use and reliable to work.

25qb, flow: 1-6m3 / h, lift: 0-60m.

40QB, flow: 2-14 m3 / h, lift: 0-60m.

65qb, flow: 5-30m3 / h, lift: 0-60m.

3.2 working principle of vane pump

The centrifugal effect of the high-speed rotating blade in the blade is used to make the liquid produce pressure, suction and discharge.

4.Pressure change of flow coating in the application pipeline of flow coating machine

Due to the high viscosity of the coating, the length, thickness and surface roughness of the pipeline have an impact on the coating pressure. The flow rate should be 100-200 mm / S; the outflow pressure P of the coating must be no less than 0.4 × 105Pa, generally between 0.4 × 105-0.6 × 105Pa. If it is too large, it is easy to produce splashing.

5.Operation mechanism, composition and structural characteristics of flow coating equipment

5.1 composition and structural characteristics of flow coating equipment

Generally, the flow coating equipment consists of four parts: coating recovery part, coating storage part, coating power part and coating burning control part.

5. 2coating recovery

The paint can still be filtered through another layer of filter.

5. 3coating storage part

The mixing speed can be about 20R / min. for the organic solvent coating, it is better to use the pneumatic mixer to leave the bottom about 50 mm.

5.4 coating power part

5.5 coating pouring out control part

It includes hose, flow coating rod head, control switch, etc. the hose connects the power pump and control switch.

6 Gripping and turning device of sand mold (core)

(1) With clamping device

(2) With turning mechanism (00-1800)

(3) With paint recovery tank

(4) Supported frame

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