Development of foundry quality assurance system in China

Improve and perfect the existing mature and practical casting instruments and equipment, strive to achieve multi-functional, integrated, automatic and intelligent, and conduct decentralized online measurement and control for each link of casting production. The computer and CAD expert system module are used to connect the automatic measurement and control instruments and equipment of relevant links, and the actuator is used to realize the closed-loop automatic control of each link. The intelligent measurement and control system of each link is connected with the computer system of the factory management center to form the intelligent closed-loop automatic control system of the factory to realize the production quality prediction and control. The factory automatic control system is connected with industry information network and expert system through high-speed information channel to realize remote consultation and control.

Under the condition of market economy, the concept, meaning, index evaluation system and specific quantity value of casting product quality are studied; the quality system characteristics, structure, compilation method of quality manual, composition and establishment and implementation method of supporting standards of system elements are studied; in order to adapt to the trend of global economic and trade integration, We will accelerate the implementation and application of third-party certification systems such as quality (ISO9000), safety and environment (ISO14000), and accelerate the adoption of international standards, so as to gain the right to participate in market competition. Go deep into the details of business practice of enterprises (groups), plan effective solutions, and make the management system truly adjust to the benchmark objective of improving product (service) quality, preventing waste, improving efficiency and meeting customer requirements. Cooperate with and adapt to the development of advanced manufacturing technology, pay close attention to the formulation of advanced casting technology standards, and actively adopt advanced manufacturing technology standards. The quality assurance and environmental management system shall be established on the basis of laws, regulations and standards.

3.7 informatization

Develop a computer expert system which is distributed, integrated and diversified, and suitable for all aspects of foundry production (such as design, manufacturing, diagnosis, supervision, planning, prediction, interpretation and teaching). And in the production and use of continuous improvement, to multi-function, high efficiency, practical development goals, so that it is integrated with casting CAD / CAPP / CAE / CAM; promote the forefront of online expert system control research.

Focus on the research, development and application of integrated foundry information processing system that can cover all behaviors of foundry enterprises (including enterprise marketing, material import and export, production organization and coordination, administrative management, and information exchange with the outside world, etc.), rapidly transform the traditional foundry industry with modern advanced technology, and develop the MRP-II (Manufacturing Resource Planning) system for the foundry industry to adapt to China’s national conditions, And further to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) development.

The computer integrated manufacturing system (CIMS) is implemented. With the help of computer network and database to integrate the data generated in each link, modern management technology, manufacturing technology, information technology and system engineering technology are comprehensively used to integrate the relevant personnel, technology, equipment, management elements, information flow and material flow in the whole process of casting production, so as to realize the overall optimization of the casting industry, Solve a series of problems faced by participating in the competition, and finally achieve high quality, low consumption and fast listing of products, so as to be invincible in the market, especially in the international market competition.

This paper studies the influence and Countermeasures of Internet on foundry industry, establishes its own home page, develops online technology exchange, e-commerce, foundry remote design and manufacturing technology, decentralized network Foundry Technology (DNC) of foundry enterprises, and gets on the “information superhighway” as soon as possible, so as to promote the modern and profound transformation of foundry industry with the great power of network high and new technology.

The development of foundry technology is bound to be controlled by the overall situation of social progress and economic development. The concept of “Green Foundry” embodies the humanized characteristics of the rapid development of civilization process and the overall requirements of sustainable economic development. With the continuous improvement of public environmental awareness and the further improvement of national environmental protection laws and regulations, the voice of “green casting” is rapidly becoming the baton for the development of foundry technology, especially the ISO14000 series standards related to environmental management system issued by the international organization for standardization, which is also promoting the strong development of “green casting”, The goal is to make the casting from design, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, use to scrap the entire “product life” cycle, the least negative impact on the environment, the highest resource efficiency. So as to optimize the economic and social benefits of enterprises. “Green casting” is an embodiment of social sustainable development strategy in the manufacturing industry, and a new mode of sustainable enterprise organization, management and operation. Compared with the traditional casting production mode, “green casting” mode puts forward quite high requirements for the enterprise’s information-based operation level, “green casting” mode is the key to the casting production is to adopt the advanced and applicable new casting technology to realize the whole process of “green life cycle” of castings.

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