Development trend of special casting in China

Develop new technology of investment casting mold and die material, use silica sol or ethyl silicate as binder; adopt precision, large-scale and thin-wall investment casting forming technology; adopt rapid forming technology to replace traditional wax mold forming technology, simplify process and shorten production cycle; develop wax pressing equipment, shell making manipulator and oil fired shell baking furnace suitable for China; develop high-quality shell binder, Increase the variety of castable alloy and expand the application of process.

In-depth study of the filling and solidification laws of die-casting, development of new die-casting equipment and control system, improvement of the performance of liquid pressure system to meet the process requirements; development of semi-solid alloy die-casting and new die-casting coating; development of new die-casting technology and new die-casting alloy materials such as metal matrix composite materials, magnesium alloy, high aluminum zinc base alloy; use of rapid prototype manufacturing technology to make die-casting mold. To develop low-pressure casting equipment that can be closely combined with the process and meet the requirements of various process parameters; to carry out low-pressure casting mold CAD, alloy filling and solidification process simulation, so that the mold can meet the requirements of smooth flow, sequential solidification, timely and sufficient feeding when filling the mold; to develop highly automatic low-pressure casting machine and high reliability parts; The development of complex, thin-walled and compact die casting technology promotes the development of low-pressure casting to differential pressure casting.

Improve smelting quality, increase pre-treatment and develop die steel with better performance, such as high-quality and long-life hot working die, deeply research and develop RPM technology and CAE technology of casting die, and promote the development of CAD / CAE / CAM / RPM integration technology and DNM technology in parallel environment.

Improve the squeeze casting technology, expand the application scope (such as ceramic fiber reinforcement and reaction synthesis metal matrix composite); pay close attention to the research of horizontal squeeze casting and semi-solid squeeze casting technology, strengthen the cooperation with plastics and chemical industry, and develop new pattern materials, such as developing EPS beads with low density and stable size, Establish advanced and practical mold CAD / CAM system and rapid manufacturing technology; develop high-efficiency shaking table to make clear the compaction characteristics of dry sand; develop new technology of EPC process and other casting processes; study environmental problems caused by EPC process and countermeasures, such as effective purification device and method of waste gas in EPC workshop; This paper studies the mechanism and elimination of defects such as loose leakage of aluminum castings, carburization and hydrogenation of steel castings, wrinkling of iron castings, etc.; develops high-efficiency and high-precision die making machine, bonding machine and realizes its localization and serialization; expands the application of non occupying coatings, Development of surface alloying coating, control solidification coating, inoculation coating, shielding coating, EPC coating, centrifugal casting pipe coating, chilling coating and other functional coatings. The development of coating performance tester and the promotion of coating standardization and commercialization.

To develop metal semi-solid continuous casting technology; to promote resin sand, metal mold and sand covered metal mold and other high-precision, near non cutting efficient casting technology; to promote non mold electromagnetic casting technology; to carry out the research and application of spray casting technology.

Based on the research results of electroslag technology in metallurgy field, the technical difficulties of electroslag casting technology are solved, such as mold design, slag preparation and tooling technology of large-scale special-shaped complex castings.

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