Development trend of special casting technology

Due to the improvement of casting quality, casting precision, casting cost and casting automation, the future casting industry will develop in the direction of precision, large-scale and high quality, and will also have the following trends:

(1) Continue to develop towards automation and cleaning. Environmental protection is becoming more and more urgent. It is a long-term goal to reduce the pollution effectively while realizing automation and large-scale.

(2) Information technology will be widely used in foundry production. Information technology, which is composed of computer, network technology, sensor technology and artificial intelligence, has been widely used in foundry production in recent years, which is changing the face of foundry production. It can be said that the main feature of modern casting technology is to integrate traditional casting technology and information technology.

(3) The application of rapid prototyping technology in foundry production will play an important role. It can be used not only to make patterns for trial production of new products and wax patterns for investment casting, but also to directly make phenolic resin shell mold and shell core, which can be directly used to assemble into sand mold. This method can greatly improve productivity and is suitable for all kinds of complex, single piece and small batch production.

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