Development trend of tractor parts

At present, the manufacturing development of domestic tractor products and parts has the following characteristics and trends:

1) The average power is increasing. The tractor parts market has reached saturation, and structural adjustment has become the main driving force to promote the market. With the guidance of land circulation and purchase subsidy policies, the composition of end customers has changed significantly, and the proportion of large customers represented by cooperatives, large agricultural machinery households and large planting households has increased significantly, which determines the rapid upgrading of customer demand and the development of small tractors to medium tractors, Medium tractor has developed to large tractor, and the four-wheel drive model with about 88 kW (120 HP) has become the main force in the market. Large farms such as northeast China and Xinjiang have even had a demand of 220 kW (300 HP) in recent years. With the increase of single machine power, when the total power is basically saturated, the number and market capacity of complete tractors will be relatively reduced, and the annual demand of the same model is difficult to exceed 10000.

2) The demand for special customized tractor parts has increased. Special tractor parts refer to tractors that are specially suitable for a certain type of characteristics and have specific requirements for the whole machine. For example, compact orchard tractors mainly operate in orchards, greenhouses and greenhouses, requiring short wheelbase, narrow wheelbase, small steering radius and low overall height; Horticultural tractor parts are mostly used at home, requiring low power, convenient operation, fashionable appearance and high safety. With the specialization and mechanization of cash crops, the whole machine requirements of tractor parts also tend to be specialized. Personalized small and medium power tractor parts will become a new favorite in the market.

3) The requirements for serialization, generalization and standardization of parts have increased. With the personalized and small batch demand of tractor parts products, in order to facilitate production, use, simplify parts supply and meet the needs of low manufacturing cost with fewer models of parts, the serialization, generalization and standardization of tractor parts are its unique development trend. The production of series products covering a certain range of performance and power levels can make the parts and components between products universal, so as to increase the production batch of general parts and components; Or it can produce similar parts on the same processing line, and assemble similar parts and adjacent tractors on the same assembly line. This is very beneficial to make full use of production capacity and reduce production costs.

4) The demand for man-machine environment-friendly products has increased. The most direct embodiment of man-machine environment is the application of modern electronic control technology in tractor parts and the upgrading of transmission shift technology. The electronic control technology of tractor parts has run through every part of the whole tractor operation unit and is connected with the whole process of agricultural production. The shifting technology of tractor parts has mechanical, power shift and stepless speed change successively. At present, mechanical shift (sliding gear and meshing sleeve) is still the main in China, and has begun to upgrade to the shift mode combining power shift and synchronizer.