Effect of carburizing defect on quality of steel casting

Lost Foam Casting (LFC) has been recognized by the foundry industry for its unique technological advantages. Many developed countries have applied EPC technology to the production of various products on a large scale. However, the carburization defect of EPC casting has seriously restricted the development of EPC process in the field of low-carbon steel casting.

After carburizing on the surface of steel castings, the hardness will increase, the processing will be difficult, and the welding performance will be poor; after the internal carburization of steel castings, the chemical composition will be unqualified, and the reduction of area and elongation of castings will be reduced, and the plasticity and toughness will be poor.

There are two important indexes to measure the internal quality of bridge bearing steel casting, one is chemical composition, the other is mechanical property. The effect of carburizing defect on chemical composition and mechanical properties of EPC steel castings was studied.

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